Family Fun

B10, GO and Me

We spent this afternoon taking a walk at the park and eating ice cream together.  School was out for GO and B10 this past week, and we are looking forward to a great summer full of fun activities.  But today was just about being together and having a quieter afternoon than usual.

Walking the Path at our local park.

B10, GO and Otto – taking a rest after our walk (over 1.5 miles!)

The Bruster’s Ice Cream store that closed about 2 years ago, FINALLY reopened, so we were able to grab a delicious treat to “finish” the afternoon.

Free Baby Cone, until she’s 3 feet tall! (That could be high school, at this rate!)

I love my B10 and GO – and I can’t wait for CW to get home to play with us again!

I love the pictures B10 takes! (His Photography Merit Badge has come in handy!)

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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