LOVING that Starbucks!

It’s never to early to learn what Happy Hour is…At STARBUCKS!  Princess and Queen came with GO and I to the first day of Happy Hour!

Sweet Princess and her Strawberry Frappe

She loved the “Pink Drink” (Pink Lime Frozt)

GO wanted the “pink drink”.  It kicked my taste buds (and Queen’s) in the mouth, but she drank almost all of it.

I had the classic Mocha Frappe, sub Soy, with Whip, no Driz.

And it was only $3 total.

I LOVE HAPPY HOUR!  You have from now until May 13th, 3-5 pm every day!  😀

(Also, as a side note: I am looking forward to being debt-free, even if it’s almost 18 months away, because I REALLY want to be able to afford a data plan on my cell phone, so we can get iPhones!)

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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