CW – Hanging with Mum Day

We ended up with 2 gallons, because CW was working hard.

As usual, on Tuesday, I have nursery duty at GO’s preschool.  CW came with me early, so he could see his Sheepy Cousins.  Brother Sheep was so cute – every time someone walked into the office he said: “This is my cousin, CW, he’s 10 and he lives in Kentucky right now.”  The hilarious part is that CW went to this school, so quite a few of the teachers knew him.  It was adorable.

After nursery, CW walked GO and Sister Sheep to class, then came back to walk Brother Sheep and his friend HB to their class.  Brother Sheep was so excited, he wouldn’t let his teacher take him.  🙂  CW really enjoyed feeling like a big kid, helping the “little” kids.

He and I went to have a special morning together, starting with picking strawberries.  Then we went by our favorite cupcake shop – to take a half-dozen to BooSheep and the office gals at preschool, before checking GO out a little early to head back home for naps and Wii games.  Tonight he is going to spend the night with his best friend, and he can’t wait!  The only thing I hate about having CW here is having to share him, but I know how much he’s missed everyone.

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I can’t wait for summer!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. Posted by Malenki on 13 04 12 at 11:12 am

    Love the strawberry patch … Can’t believe it’s that season already. So glad you had a special day together!


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