Lake Cabin – Day 5

Oh, yes - I DO like this hair straightener thing!

Lots of the peeps left today.  😦  Granddaddy had a drive back to Mississippi, so he left right after breakfast.  Firefighter Sheep works a 48 starting tomorrow morning, so the Sheeps stayed until after lunch, but then they left at naptime to make the drive home.  Otto had to get up early for work today, and after work was heading with the oldest girlies (OPM and CAM) to his Mum’s house.

We had an easy morning.  Lots of cleaning and packing by BooSheep – while B10 and Brother Sheep got one last boat ride with Daddy and Firefighter Sheep.  The girls posed for pictures, and generally enjoyed playing My Little Pony and Little People.

For lunch, we went into town for Minnie Mouse’s favorite – Zaxby’s.  GO and B10 surprised her for Easter with an extra 20 containers of Zaxs Sauce to take home.  🙂

At naptime, GO was VERY excited that Brother and Sister Sheep were able to nap with her in the bunk bed room.  (The only unfortunate part is that the Sheeps left while GO was sleeping – so she awoke to an empty room and CRIED!  Bad plan on our part…)

Tonight was my night to cook dinner, so B10 helped me prepare Italian Chicken, lima beans, corn on the cob, rolls and rice.  While we were waiting for it to cook, Minnie Mouse and I exchanged more pictures and did a little cleaning.  After dinner, I headed to the store to get the ingredients for tomorrow night’s dinner (pot roast in the crockpot), while Daddy took B10 down to the dock to fish and Minnie Mouse played bubbles with GO.  (I enjoyed the few minutes to myself, so I could call Queen and check on how her week went and chat!)

It’s already 9pm, which means it’s time for GO to take a bath (had to put B10 in first – he smelled FISHY).  She’ll get her ice pop in the tub, have snuggles, say prayers and go to sleep.  I think B10 and I will end up playing a game or two with Daddy and Minnie Mouse (after Daddy helps him retie some lures and weight his line).

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Tomorrow?  Geocaching!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. Posted by Malenki on 05 04 12 at 10:44 pm

    In LOVE with your straight hair – still jealous of your curls, but definitely like the general cuteness. 🙂


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