Lake Cabin – Day 4

Me and my Munchkin

Otto had to go back to work today, only one day off for the Lake House this week, but at least he’s here for dinners at night (the drive is about an hour from work, not bad at all).

I slept in, until almost 8am, then woke up and fixed the Caterpillars breakfast.  B10 is loving sausage at every morning meal and GO actually ate all her eggs and sausage and strawberries this morning!  We enjoyed a quiet morning hanging out (B10 worked on History – he has a big test on Monday and has been studying hard).  By mid-morning, everyone was ready to try their hand at fishing (except me, I take pictures, I do not fish).

The little girls got “neesty”, which is a 3 year old way of saying “so dirty searching for shells and rocks, that my mum has to put me in the bathtub before lunch”.  Everyone else managed to stay relatively clean, and lunch was sub sandwiches with green salad.  As expected, the youngest kiddos were WORN OUT and fell asleep quickly at naptime.

B10 did a bit more homework, then went with Firefighter Sheep out on the boat to fish.  The rest of the adults sat around and chatted, before I sneaked off to take a nap myself.  (I think I like these afternoon naps!)

By the time I woke up, Otto was calling to say he was leaving work and on his way back for dinner.  The Sheeps were fixing taco salad for dinner, and B10 and I ran out really quick to the store to grab a few things for our dinner tomorrow night (I’m making Italian Chicken).

Dinner was SOOOO good, I love taco salad, and GO loved her little burritos.  We cleaned up after dinner, then it was more fishing.  Firefighter Sheep took Otto, GO and I out on the boat to “fish” – which meant a lot of GO casting the Princess Fishing Rod over and over (with Otto helping her reel in) and Firefighter Sheep TRYING to catch something (nothing was biting).  I actually learned to cast, which was kind of cool.

B10 did a bit of fishing on the dock, then while we were still on the boat, he got in the hot tub with the Sheep Kiddos and Minnie Mouse/BooSheep.  It was bathtime (again) when we got back – and it didn’t take much longer after that to put the youngest ones in bed.  I had found some Soy Ice Cream on clearance at the grocery store, and we had a sweet treat before snuggles and prayers.

GO has really enjoyed her prayers every night – she wants us to pray first, but then she closes her eyes and holds hands and says her own prayers.

After we put the kids to sleep, and I took a shower – BooSheep straightened my hair.  It’s apparently the “thing” to do, as she and Minnie Mouse LOVE their straighteners.  I see why, now, I really like the way it looks!

We finished our last evening with the Sheeps, Granddaddy and Otto by playing poker (everyone but B10, GO, Daddy, Minnie Mouse and I go home tomorrow).  I was the dealer, and if I could just learn to do the bridge when I shuffle, I would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  (If only I had gotten a picture of that!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Off to bed, it’s far to late to be playing poker now.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Malenki on 05 04 12 at 6:14 pm

    In love with the Disney fishing rods! 🙂 I can think of several of us who will be glad when you are all home, but I’m glad you have had such a lovely week at the lake.

    Praying for the History test on Monday … Stinks to have to study for TWO weeks and remember all the details for twice as long; HOWEVER, this is awesome practice for High School, and I have no doubt B10 will be ready. 😉

    I want a picture of the straightened hair, Sis! Gotta say, though – I love your curls. I’m actually slightly *ahem* jealous of your curls. 😀


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