Lake Cabin – Day 3

It’s late for my “first” blog post, so there will likely be only one today.  🙂

Learning about Lures

We woke up at 7:45am, late for us this week, but quite early for vacation.  For breakfast there was more sausage and biscuits, fresh fruit, plus scrambled eggs.  It cracked me up that GO refused to eat her breakfast when everyone else did, but 30 minutes later came back to the table and ate the entire plate of food.

B10 worked on his history, while the rest of us had a lazy morning.  Lots of work was done, along with a few computer games and card games.  Daddy even taught the girls a little about fishing lures (mainly – don’t eat the bait…  this did not sink in…).

Also, Steega made another appearance.  GO loves Steega.  This could cause problems later.

Lunch was in-town at the Varsity, Jr.  It was Minnie Mouse’s first time – and I think you can tell by the look on her face she enjoyed it!

Otto and I took B10 and GO to grab a quick cache, before heading home for naps (and a quick game of Smart Ass), then we had a pretty universal quiet time.  B10 read his new book that Daddy got for him, and I even managed to sneak a few zzzzz’s myself.

Granddaddy fixed dinner – cube steak with tomato gravy, lima beans and homemade mashed potatoes.  I rarely drink unsweet tea, even though it’s one of my favorite beverages, so it’s been fun to have it at pretty much every meal so far.  After dinner, Minnie Mouse, BooSheep and I took the little kids into the hot tub.  To quote Minnie Mouse: “This is more violent than I had imagined the hot tub to be…”

The grown-up boys took B10 down to fish (now that everyone was legal), and returned just as we finished bathing the little ones (which worked well, since B10 smelled NASTY and needed to get directly in a shower).  After little ones were in bed, we sat around to play games (and load pictures on computers).  B10 did a bit more schoolwork, and he’s about to turn in for the night.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After one more game (BUZZ WORDS, ended in a perfect tie!) – I think I will, too.  YAY for another WONDERFUL day at the lake house.  🙂

~Mummy Butter


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