Lake Cabin – Day 2

GO and her Great-Granddaddy

It always amazes me how EASY it is to get up early on vacation – GO crawled into bed with me at 7:15 and we were upstairs for breakfast by 7:30am.  I feed her a container of strawberry yogurt, before going to wake up B10.  Minnie Mouse made sausage and biscuits for breakfast – and B10 was THRILLED.

He was not quite as thrilled when I told him he had to start on some schoolwork.  Luckily BooSheep and Firefighter Sheep took the three little ones out on a boat ride, so B10 could concentrate.  The little kiddos LOVED having a special thing just for them, and B10 did a great job working while they were gone.

The morning was spent hanging out, doing some fishing and playing at the dock (but not in the water).  B10 caught 2 fish, and put the larger one on a stringer (where it was eaten by a catfish!).  He had the most success of anyone today (thus far).

Lunch was sub sandwiches on the upper deck, followed by cupcakes – I tried the coconut today and it was WONDERFUL.  GO didn’t even fuss about taking a nap, and I followed her quickly for a nice hour long snooze of my own.

We woke up about 2:30, and proceeded the dock.  GO didn’t want to swim and she didn’t want to fish.  She wanted to play with Steega.  Steega, her dead bumblebee friend.  Steega was very tired and so she couldn’t fly, and needed GO to be her Mummy.  This lasted for a good hour and a half, and Steega even made it back to the lake house (but got left outside).  Tragedy occurred when Daddy accidentally dropped Steega in the water, but luckily, her little fuzzy body floated and Firefighter Sheep was able to retrieve her.

At one point B10 asked if we were REALLY going to let GO keep Steega until she was ready to throw her away, and I pointed out that I have spent the last decade allowing him to keep just about anything he caught, so he was the LAST person to criticize GO’s new pet.  😉

B10, Sister Sheep and Brother Sheep enjoyed the jumping into the lake in various silly manners – and did pretty good not splashing the adults.  After an hour, though, the chill of the lake water (it IS still early April), became too much and we headed back to the lake house to clean up and get a snack.

B10 hunkered back down to do another hour of schoolwork, while the little girls played ponies with Minnie Mouse.  Brother Sheep sat next to me and played Leapster, as I worked on the laptop.

To see BooSheep’s exciting recap of the Lake House (and pictures of the Little Kid Boat Tour), visit her at WoollyPeaches!

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Now we are waiting for Otto to get home (he had to work today), and homemade spaghetti sauce is bubbling in the crockpots filling the 3 story house with amazing smells.  The decorations are still up from the party last night (they may stay all week), and I’m finishing up this blog post.  I’ll update again before bed (I happen to know Sm’ores are planned for tonight!) – but for now, this could quite possibly be one of the best vacations I’ve ever had.  My only sadness is how much I wish CW could be here with us.  Then it would be almost perfect.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


2 responses to this post.

  1. So glad you’re getting a chance to relax and spend time with family. We’re enjoying our Spring Break, too – in fact, we had s’mores after dinner tonight, too! Hope your week continues as well as it started – I’m jealous!


  2. Posted by Malenki on 02 04 12 at 11:02 pm

    Looks like a beautiful day! 🙂 Love the pic of my big sisters with their sweet little girls! 😉 Sm’ores sounds delish … Hope y’all are sleeping soundly right about now, though. 😀 Love you oodles!!


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