Lake Cabin – Day 1

"Johnny" the Toad (B10 caught it within 5 minutes of being at the lakefront)

SPRING BREAK!  We left early this morning for our Spring Break Vacation – a week at the lake house to celebrate my Granddaddy’s 80th Birthday.  The Sheeps are with us, as are Daddy and Minnie Mouse, Granddaddy (obviously), and Uncle J.  Only thing missing is CW.  😦

We arrived around 10am this morning (it was about an hour drive), and had a chance to unpack the car before Daddy took B10 to walk the property line (always important to know WHERE to hunt for critters and where NOT to hunt for critters).  For lunch, Minnie Mouse prepared all the ingredients for us to make individual pizzas and salad.

They even got me Turkey Pepperoni!

The youngest kiddos were all tapped out after lunch, and even B10 asked if he could lay down for nap.  While they were sleeping (even though she cried, GO was OUT within 5 minutes), Firefighter Sheep took Otto and I out for a boat ride.  He wanted to tour the area of the lake we are in (I think he was scouting for later fishing trips).  It was so pleasant and after about an hour on the water, we returned to B10 sitting patiently at the dock.

Firefighter Sheep agreed to remain at the dock, so B10 could swim a bit (plus, he wanted to fish off the dock – and caught a nice size bass!).  B10 tried out the water, found it VERY cold, and moved to the shallow area.  By the time Otto and I walked up the hill to the house, Brother Sheep was awake and ready to put on his swimsuit/life jacket and head to the water.  At that point, we just decided it was easier to get up the little girls and let them play in the water for a while, also.

I LOVED watching Sister Sheep, she’s not use to a life jacket – and every time she would fall over, she would just start ROLLING over and over and over.  I know it didn’t thrill her, but it was funny to watch.  🙂

GO wasn’t all about the water, she liked following Otto around, but got a little angry when we wouldn’t let her get close to the “big boys” fishing.  I headed back up to the house, and helped decorate for Granddaddy’s party, before we got the kiddos out of the water and their wet (and gross lake water) swimsuits.  Both B10 and GO have had baths, and we are now patiently waiting for dinner (STEAKS!), the potatoes are already on.

Otto, B10, Brother Sheep, and I are hanging out in the main living room, with Peter Pan on the TV.  Uncle J ran to the store, and everyone else is hanging out on the main deck outside enjoying the beautiful view and perfect weather.  There couldn’t have been a better start to our vacation!

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Oh!  Except for the part where I parked on a hill, and the passenger door of my truck attacked my forehead.  Thankfully, the headache hasn’t been awful, and the giant egg is going down.  Maybe by the time we take family pictures – it won’t be noticeable!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. Posted by Malenki on 01 04 12 at 10:09 pm

    Ahh! Gorgeous view – and I love how WARM the weather is for being out on the lake! 🙂 Happy day … the cold is GONE. 😀


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