Friday’s Featured Bloggers

Today I’m “featuring” some friends of mine who have children.  You might call these “Mommy Bloggers”.  I don’t.  These women tend to blog for their own friends and families, far-off grandparents who enjoy pictures of the grandkids and as an online scrapbook for themselves.

I love these women, because they are my family and friends.  Watching their kids grow up in person, or online if they are far away, is a great privilege.

First, BooSheep.  Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows this is my sister, and one of my favorite people in the world.  She has two beautiful Lambs: Sister Sheep and Brother Sheep, and she is one of the best “memory” bloggers I know.  I love how her kids are going to be able to see their childhood someday, and know how much their Mum loved them.

The Girls 🙂

Second, CC and her Garden Girls.  I love being able to keep up with these four girls when they live so far away, and I have always found strength is reading CC’s blog.  She deals with so many emotions around having her husband deployed (he is a Marine) and homeschooling her girls, and she strives very hard to be real and not put on the fake “all sugar and smiles” front that so many bloggers feel like they have to show to the world.  She’s one of the strongest people I know.  🙂

Finally, a Scouting friend – Ashley.  Ashley’s blog is Ashley.  It covers all the things important to her (Scouting, her kids, animals, her husband, her dreams) and leaves out the stuff that isn’t.  I kind of wish I had the ability to ignore the things that don’t matter.  🙂  I love reading Ashley’s blog, because it’s so unpretentious.  Plus, she’s a very creative and smart Mum, so her kids do AWESOME things!   AND she LOVES animals!  (B10 likes looking at pictures on her blog!)

Please visit and say hello, I think you’ll find a few new favorites.  🙂

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Malenki on 25 02 12 at 8:07 am

    Gotta say – first one’s my fave. 🙂 Boo IS an amazing memory blogger! I do enjoy both your blogs … They’re so … you two. Plus, it’s nice to still be able to watch my nieces and nephews growing up even though I don’t get to hang out with them very often – which I would like to change at some point!! LOVE YOU!


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