Friday’s Featured Bloggers

For the next few weeks, I want to share some of my favorite blogs with those who visit me.  Most of them aren’t “big” bloggers – but I know most of them personally and love what each one brings to the table.  I also think they are easily accessible and deserve wider platforms and views!  😉

This week it’s food-time!  (I’m telling you, Knives at Dawn made me HUNGRY all week!)

First up is Life, In Recipes.  This is a woman I’ve known for 7 years, and I’ve seen this blog from the very beginning (and I mean the VERY beginning).  It’s evolved into a beautiful collection of recipes and real life – her chicken pictures and pictures of her two handsome sons are my favorites.  Her eye for design combines with her impressive ability to mix flavors in new ways to create amazing edible works of art.  Here is just one photo example (Pork, Rutabaga and Kale Hash):

She's a cook AND a photographer... I'm constantly in awe.

Life, in Recipes is my food mentor.  I was born with allergies, that have only gotten worse in time, but she’s never allowed that to stop me from trying new food.  As silly as it sounds – I had never eaten spinach (ew, gross!), red velvet cake (allergies!) or tried Honey Ginger Dressing (weird…).  Today, however, there is spinach in my fridge for salad (my favorite green), Honey Ginger Dressing to go on top (though I prefer her homemade version) and I remember the week she spent creating (and recreating until it was perfect) a Red Velvet Cupcake I could eat.  (She still makes me a batch on my birthday sometimes.)  🙂

She gave me a love of food, beyond my love of cooking, and absolutely gave me the confidence to make mistakes in the kitchen.  Plus, she’s a great teacher.  My desire for healthier food for my Caterpillars and sustainable living is directly tied to her desire to educate.

Oh, and she’s one of my best friends.  😀

Next up is Jokes and Snacks.  I’m almost not sure where to begin…  Anyone who can relate cooking to 1980-90’s pop music is amazing in that alone.  I met Jokes and Snacks 5 (I think) years ago.  I love her, because her blog IS her.  If you know this woman in real life, you will find yourself reading the blog in your head in her voice.  (It works better that way, she has great timing on jokes.)

This is a witty blog, with excellent step-by-step directions.  I love how she doesn’t expect you to know anything about cooking, but at the same time it never feels condescending.  B10 loves looking at the pictures and wants to make just about every recipe she puts up.  I appreciate the fact that she has an opinion (what foodie doesn’t?), but never makes you feel dumb for needing more clarification.  She might make you feel dumb for not knowing the referenced TLC or MC Hammer song…but if you’re my age you have no excuse.

Oh, and she’s an amazing photographer, too!  Witness her Steak and Potatoes:

I want this, minus the asparagus, but the steak and sweet potatoes...YUM!

Always inspiring.

Ree - from her website

Finally, “everyone’s favorite” Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I won’t go into much detail, because Ree doesn’t need me shilling for her (and anyone who visits her blog will fall in love).  But this was the first foodie blog I really read.  And I still go back upon occasion to figure out how to cook some slab of meat.  And – the pictures – oh the pictures!

The one thing that ties these three ladies together is their “realness”.  When mistakes are made in the kitchen, they don’t cover them up. Instead they are frank and upfront and then they keep going.  I feel more confident in my own abilities when I read their blogs.  Not to mention all the great ideas!  Please visit and say hello, I think you’ll find a few new favorites.  🙂

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. Posted by Malenki on 17 02 12 at 10:14 am

    Ah, yes – Edelweiss inspires me with her eye for presentation … I literally get hungry every time I read Life, in Recipes. 🙂


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