Sister Sheep’s Birthday Party

Twin Cousins!

WOOT WOOT for cupcakes!  Today was Sister Sheep’s birthday party (in anticipation of her birthday tomorrow, Uncle Firefighter Sheep is working – so this way her entire family could attend).  She held a “Mummy and Me” Cupcake Party at a local Cupcake Shop.  I have to pause here and say THANK YOU to the Awesome “Lemon Tree Bakery”.  They swooped in at the last minute when the original cupcake shop canceled the party and gave Sister Sheep an AMAZING afternoon.

We arrived, and GO hung out with her friends (thanks Miss A for remembering GO’s birthday and bringing a present, too!) and we took a ton of pictures.  There were delicious cupcakes in the front case, but I managed to hold out until the end to purchase any.

When everyone arrived, we moved back to the back of the shop where the girls decorated cupcakes at a real bakers table they had lowered to little girl height.  They were given a choice of strawberry, chocolate or vanilla cupcakes (GO chose Chocolate – no surprise) and REAL icing bags to use.  Then there were a variety of sprinkles and cupcake topping to choose from.  My favorite was the handmade fondant flowers prepared for the girls.

GO finished her cupcake and waited for Sister Sheep to blow out her candles (she even sang along!) before they dove in.  BooSheep had added pretzels and puffercorn to the mix so they would have salty treats to balance the sugar.  I was proud of how well GO ate.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Best part?  Mums got to make cupcakes, too!  Here is my beautiful creation!

My Perfect Cupcake

After eating, we all sat down and watched Sister Sheep open her presents – and received our special treat from Sister Sheep (such pretty and personalized goodie bags).

I cannot say enough good things about The Lemon Tree Bakery.  They were absolutely amazing, coming in at the last minute to hold Sister Sheep’s party.  The cupcakes were AMAZING (I brought a half-dozen home to share with boys in the house, and celebrate GO’s birthday with).  I also loved how, at the end of the party, they presented Sister Sheep with a GIANT CUPCAKE to take home with her .  It was huge (enough to feed 4-6 people) and beautifully wrapped.  I wish we lived closer!  (Actually, that would likely bust our budget!)

Thank you, Sister Sheep, for inviting us!


~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


2 responses to this post.

  1. What fun – and such a neat idea for a party. FYI – there’s a bakery here in Roswell that will “bake and deliver” cupcakes for your child’s classroom party. Sound familiar? We were so ahead of our time….


  2. Posted by Malenki on 28 01 12 at 12:41 pm

    Favorite picture is the one of the twins together … So sweet! 😀 Looks like a fun (and adorable!) birthday party … Happy birthday (again) to my sweet nieces!


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