Birthday Snack (and Snow Day!)

Very proud of her candles and crown!

Today was GO’s birthday snack at preschool.  She took fruit ka-bobs (banana, apple, kiwi) and Cool Whip (the non-dairy off brand…I loathe the real Cool Whip for adding dairy), which seemed to be a big hit.  I LOVE how they put her candles in her topping and she loved her pink crown (it’s all she could talk about on the way home).

Her pretty pink crown!

Blowing Out 3 Candles!

Eating the "Cool Whip" w/Ka-Bob Stick

Best of all, it was also Snow Day – where the kids “ice skated” in their socks, played with fake snow and threw snowballs (rolled up socks).  I was lucky enough to be in the snow room with the itty-bitties (the 1 year olds) taking pictures for Mrs. B (GO’s teacher from last year).  This meant I knew what GO was going to get to do, and that made it a LOT easier to interpret her sentences on the way home!  BooSheep grabbed pictures for me  – and I love the one of the Twin Cousins!

Sweet Sister Sheep on the "Ice Skating" Rink (I LOVE this hat!)

Twin Cousins on Snow Day - I can't believe they are almost THREE!

Can’t wait for tomorrow for more Birthday celebrating (this time for Sister Sheep’s party!).

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. Posted by Malenki on 27 01 12 at 10:06 am

    Aw, sweet birthday girls! 🙂 Love the cap on Sister Sheep – ha! She’s such a fashion queen! 😀


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