“My” Christmas with B10 and GO

Oh yes, that blur is GO who has figured out where presents come from - UNDER THE TREE!

Due to lots of factors, B10 and GO still had not opened their Christmas presents from me!  So we woke them up early, and went to Dunkin Donuts for a box of munchkins, then sat around the Christmas Tree to open gifts.

The funniest part was watching GO take 15 minutes to nibble a single munchkin (but, of course, always had a spare in the other hand), while B10 was shoving 2-3 in his mouth at once… Chipmunk Cheeks!

Carefully eating a Munchkin (her "stocking" stuff is in the background).

Look at his cheeks bulge... Nothing careful there!

Also humorous – when you hold up a camera, GO stops everything she is doing to “pose” for you with a smile…  Perhaps we’ve taken too many pictures?  (Is that possible?)

She actually put DOWN the present to smile.

B10 loved his books (he also got a movie and Civil War computer game).  (However, he also got all pre-teen on me and didn’t want his picture taken…  As you’ll notice from the Lego Pictures, that only lasted about two hours…)

GO couldn’t get over her Olivia the Pig Dress Up Trunk – or the pajamas for Mulan (her birthday present from Granddaddy and Minnie Mouse).

Can you see Mulan? GO is "helping" Mulan open her present (a new pair of pajamas).

Showing off her new "angel" wings.

It was probably the closest to a “traditional Christmas morning” that we had together…  Which, of course, didn’t happen until December 31st.  That’s our life!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. Posted by Malenki on 02 01 12 at 10:59 am

    Aw, I just love that sweater … And the munchkin thing is hilarious! Um, no it’s not possible to take too many pictures, because she has an aunt (wink) who doesn’t get to see her often enough … so pictures are the next best thing – okay, besides talking on the phone, which usually ends up being a lot of ‘I love you’, ‘Hi’, ‘Bye’, etc. 😉


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