B10’s Second Court of Honor

Tonight was B10’s second Court of Honor since becoming a Boy Scout.  We had a potluck dinner and up until the last part – everyone did great.  (9 pm was pushing it for GO…)

Prince and B10

I brought a baked mac-and-cheese and also a big bowl of plain white rice (for the picky eaters out there).  There was LOTS of food and  delicious options!  GO really enjoyed the cake…

GO and her "cake face" (it WAS yummy!)

B10 (along with three of his friends) were brought up and recognized as a special team who had worked hard and managed to light a fire using only flint and steel – and bring a bucket of water to a rolling boil – in less than 40 minutes.  The fire was SO HOT that it melted the giant pan!

That's Prince peeking through the hole!

B10 also was awarded Tenderfoot and two additional merit badges (bringing his total to three – he’s finished a fourth, but we need to submit the final paperwork).

Receiving his Merit Badges (Photography and Reptile & Amphibian Study)

I’m so proud of B10 and all his hard work!  And…GO…

Okay - it's wrong of me - but seriously...her jeans are SO BIG and she's got the cutest little plumber's crack... Anyone know where to find jeans with adjustable waists in size 12-18m?

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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