Big Music

Top of the Bell Trail

This morning was “GO’s Day” with Auntie M.  Now, she has family in our area, but has only been to Stone Mountain Park once, so this morning we decided to take her to the Carillon Bells (aka: Big Music).

I love how she's not actually touching the ground in this photo...

Help Olivia "walk"

The path is a beautiful one through the woods.  It’s not to long, but treks out to a little peninsula.  GO ran, skipped, jumped and generally enjoyed her walk with her new “Olivia” doll.

GO and her new OLIVIA Doll

About half-way down is the room where the Player sits and plays.  We stopped to sit on the stone risers and make “Acorn People”.  GO then stuffed her pockets full of the Acorn heads and we continued on.

Drawing Acorn People

The lone Acorn Person that made it...

Helping Auntie M "Draw"

There is a low stone wall that borders one side, with a drop into the water.  From there is a gorgeous view of the mountain, and the geese swim back and forth to the mainland.

I love that "Jesse Hair" swinging...

She's yelling "HI GOOSES!" and waving frantically.

Almost to the Bells

On the other side was a low bank filled with ducks.  GO decided they needed to “eat acorns”, which quickly translated to “throwing Acorn People into the water at the ducks”.  (Only one managed to be saved…Auntie Mel said it’s just the life cycle…)

Ducks on a Rock

Watching the Ducks

The wind-up and throw of the Acorn People into the water...

At the end of the peninsula is the actual bells.  They ring every hour/half-hour, and since we were there in the morning, we didn’t get to hear the concerts that play twice a day.  (They are taped during the week, and live on the weekend.)

The Carillon Bells

GO and I laid down to listen and look up at the “BIG MUSIC”.

Looking at the Bells

Olivia, GO and Auntie M

After we were done at the Carillon Bells, we headed back up the path to find lunch (Hardee’s – Auntie M doesn’t have Hardee’s near her up north), before heading home for naptime.

Tired Little Legs (for only a moment...)

She declared she needed a rest, and sat down right here, just like that!

I think a Duck had just eaten a fish... Either way, a loud splash made her giggle!

We had a wonderful morning!  (Tonight GO is helping Auntie M and I prepare Cows in a Blanket!)

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Malenki on 26 09 11 at 5:10 pm

    So glad you girls had a fun morning! I need ideas for showing Mum’s brother as much ‘South’ as possible in May – looks like Stone Mtn Park is a must, especially since it’s that close to you guys! 😉 Love the pic of you and GO lying on the ground together … So sweet … Miss you and love you!! ~your baby sister


  2. Posted by Manda on 29 09 11 at 8:41 am

    Ahh, that brings back memories. Dr.Braz would play every day during lunch time so you could hear it as you would walk to class. I will have to go and check this out.


  3. Posted by Boo on 01 10 11 at 9:02 pm

    Looks like a fun day! I have actually never walked down to see the bells either, we will have to put that on our “to do” list. Are there any caches down there?! Glad you guys had a good visit! Boo


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