Weight Gain! (Okay…at least it’s a POSITIVE Number!)

GO has been waking up the past two nights, crying about her right ear.  So I had her dressed and in the car, while calling our doctor and asking for a quick check of her ear.

Sure enough, she has a very small ear infection, the doctor prescribed both numbing drops and antibiotics – with a follow-up visit set for about two weeks from today.  Plus, he said as long as she is happy she can go to school tomorrow.

The best news is that she gained a little under 1/2 a pound!  She’s still not 20 pounds…she’s actually not 19.5 pounds.  But at this rate, she might get to turn around by July or August!  She is SO OVER facing backwards in the car!  (Though, I found a very interesting article about how in Sweden, children are kept rear facing until they are between 3 and 4 – and the death/severe-injury rate of very young children in car accidents is DRASTICALLY lower there, because of that fact.)

I’m off to cook dinner (chicken pot pie – without the pie), and prepare for a small Passover Seder tomorrow with the Caterpillars (Passover begins at Sundown tonight, for those of you keeping track).  My intention was to fast today, because that’s what firstborns do the day before Passover, but that’s been put on hold for 24 hours.  (Yesterday was emotionally draining – doing “The Diary of Anne Frank” twice, and I needed to eat at the end of the day.)

OH – AND Hubby lost another pound this week!  He’s doing incredible and I’m so very proud of him!

~Mummy Butterfly )i(


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  1. Posted by Malenki on 18 04 11 at 2:23 pm

    Aw, Sis! So happy for all of you! I’m wishing we were doing the whole Passover thing tonight … but I’m the only one who finds giving up food of any interest, and that’s mostly AK’s fault for teaching me about it. I’d do the fasting for our family, but either way you look at it, I’ve already eaten two meals, AND technically, I’m the youngest, so … 24 hours won’t make a difference – because you’re still fasting. 😀


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