Women’s Retreat – Day 2

I awoke on Day 2, and managed to get out of bed right before the sun rose.  Watching it rise slowly over the mountain out my window was beautiful and a perfect way to begin the new day.

Sun peaking over the mountaintop.

There morning is!

We had breakfast downstairs, then headed back to have an hour or so of quiet time and reflection on Psalm 3.  I forget just how much I love studying Scripture.  I sat for almost an entire hour reading the same passage over and over again, and journaling on it.

After a deep hour of study, Queen and I moved to go downstairs and found our second Secret Angel Gifts!  SO EXCITING!  🙂

Gift #2

Awesome Church Bag!

Gift #2

Bunny Head and CANDY!

Unwrapping them was fun, but we had to hurry to meet down in the main room for Session 2, which was focused on sadness, suffering and pain.  I loved hearing her (the Speaker’s) take on God’s plan during suffering and how HE is always with us – no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in.  It was a powerful time, and it was topped off by more games/Community Building.

Lunch was delicious – chicken fingers, fries and apple cobbler for dessert.  The unsweet tea was perfect!

Queen was eager to show me around the small town near the retreat center, so we spent the afternoon in Waynesville drifting through little shops.

The General Store (Lots of Candy!)

My goodies!

We split a slice of Coconut Cake (and STILL had some left over), that was divine.

Drinking Coffee and Sharing Cake

With no set plans until dinner, we took a leisurely drive back to the retreat, stopping for a few photos.

The view of Lake Junaluska

The Cross (it glows at night)

Back in the room, Queen rested a bit when we returned to our room, and I decided to take a warm bath.  One of my favorite things this weekend is being able to eat dinner in my PJs and slippers!  (I purchased a new pair while on our little shopping trip.)

Old Slippers meet New Slippers

The evening session was incredible, as I have come to expect, and it culminated in a rousing game of “Encore” (or “Songs” as they call it) – my new blue hat helped my team win – and you can see the Prize Kazoo in the picture!  😉

The Blue Hat of Brains and the Red Kazoo

Our final evening was spent back downstairs eating popcorn again, and reading another book (this one on Lighthouses), before heading to bed in anticipation of the time change.

I can’t wait for tomorrow!

~Mummy Butterfly )i(


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  1. Posted by Malenki on 15 03 11 at 6:41 pm

    Yay! BEAUTIFUL pictures! And looks like a FUN trip – I love Mast General Stores … Good memories from family vacation in NC. 😀


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