The Barred Owl

Early this morning, we were getting ready to leave for GO’s preschool, when B10 opened the door and squealed with excitement.  Sitting on our front porch was a giant Barred Owl!  (No Hogwarts letter…)

As it hopped down the steps.

The owl hopped (apparently injured) into our front yard and sat there for quite a while.  She/He would stare at us – then stare at the tree, then stare at us, then stare at the tree.

Look to Me.

Look at the Tree.

When I finally got in touch with the Birds of Prey Rescue Group, she tried to tell me it was likely a baby owl, even though I insisted this thing was HUGE.  When she finally opened the picture I sent her via email, she was shocked – and agreed this was NO baby owl!

The Barred Owl hopped down into a nearby small ravine, with a stream running through it.  We lost track of her until evening came.

Such a beautiful creature!

Trying to sleep, or trying to pretend the loud humans aren't RIGHT THERE!

By the time we had the supplies to catch her (we were asked to, and given the name of a vet who handled wild Birds of Prey), she had disappeared again.

B10 was devastated, but agrees that she likely was merely stunned and suffering from a headache – and is now off doing her thing, eating rats.

I wish I could have petted her (yes, I know she's wild and that's not safe, so I didn't), her feathers look SO SOFT!

I would like to know if her appearance is a testimony to my RAT problem, though!

~Mummy Butterfly )i(


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Malenki on 14 03 11 at 12:12 pm

    I’ve been waiting for these pictures since a few minutes after you guys called … 😀 Made my whole weekend to hear your excited voices on the phone! Hmm … Quite possibly related to the rat – hey, at least something good came out of the nasty smelling dead thing in your duct work, right?!


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