So Much to Say – And No Pictures!

I haven’t had the camera in my hands for 36 hours, and I wish I had!  So here’s a quick recap of our weekend – with two pictures “borrowed” from Boo Sheep’s blog.

Saturday, Hubby took the Caterpillars to Sister Sheep’s Birthday Party.  The theme was “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” and Boo Sheep outdid herself on all the cool crafts and ideas.  My favorite was that instead of cupcakes or cake – each of the kids added toppings to their pancakes.

To read her account of Sister Sheep’s awesome day – go here.  (And before they left – GO actually went potty in the potty!  SO PROUD of my big girl!)

I spent the entire day at a Boy Scout Advance-A-Rama.  It was my first time teaching the Theater Merit Badge and I LOVED it.  I had 12 boys, who all did an incredible job.  Queen came along as my Admin Assistant, and we were lucky enough to actually have the theatre to work in, so the boys were actually on stage!  That lasted from 7 am to 4 pm…a long day, but a good day.

For dinner, we headed to Adam and Eve’s house for a delicious Greek Orzo Chicken (from the crockpot!).  I’ll post the recipe next week – but we were able to take leftovers home and they were great today, too!  We also had a blessed time of fellowship, just sitting on the floor around the fireplace and chatting.  It’s so wonderful to be developing these close relationships with other Christians who are in the same lifeplace Hubby and I are in.

While we were eating dinner, the Caterpillars were hanging out with Cookie and Doc.  They enjoyed themselves, watching a movie and having a special dinner.  They were asleep when we picked them up, and we carefully took them home and put them straight to bed.

This morning, we slept late and had family time.  GO snuggled next to me, as we watched TV and hung out together.  She’s had a runny nose, being particularly boogerific today!  By the afternoon, B10 and I were ready to get out of the house and head to the local pool to meet up with the other Webelos Scouts for their work on the Aquanaut Activity Badge.

I was thrilled – we had 6 boys attend and each of them fulfilled the requirements to earn their Activity Badge.  The most exciting part to me is that B10 and Prince completed the last of their Activity Badges and are now Super Achievers!

After coming home, I crashed for 30 minutes – I forget how tiring swimming truly is.  Hubby woke me up to tell me my first D-Group girl was arriving.  She was about 15 minutes early, but she usually is and I love having that brief time to spend with her one-on-one (with 13 girls it can get HECTIC!).  However, 30 minutes later we started to get worried.  Not a SINGLE OTHER GIRL had shown up!

I started texting, and every other girl had a good reason to not be there, so we made the best of it and decided to go out to eat.  It was her first time to ever have Krystal’s and I think she’s going to be wanting more!

My night ended with a beautiful conversation and prayer time with a dear Christian mentor.  She is a breathtaking example of what a woman can be if she gives herself and her time over to God.  I am so blessed to have her beside me in my journey.

I am headed to bed, thrilled overall with the weekend and wishing I had photos to remember it by.  But then I think how hopefully none of these events were a one time thing.  I’m so lucky that each and every one of these moments will be recreated, because I’m rather lucky in my life.  I have friends and family who are safe and love me.  And a God who cares more than I can even imagine.

It’s enough to make the rough parts of the weekend disappear when I try to remember them.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Malenki on 31 01 11 at 3:56 am

    Wow! What a weekend! That might have even been better than pictures … I’m so proud of all of you. This post made me particularly proud of my big sister, though! 😉 I love you SOOOO much, and I am so glad you’re my big sister!!! ❤ me


  2. Posted by chrysti on 31 01 11 at 6:23 am

    Sounds like a busy busy weekend. Congrats to B10! Happy BDay to GO! I really can’t believe she is two already and neither can her Uncle. Can’t wait to hear more about it all. I am thankful that you continue in your love of the Lord and it excites me to hear what He is doing in your life! Love you


  3. Posted by Boo on 31 01 11 at 9:07 pm

    Sounds like a great weekend to me. We missed you Saturday, but had fun with your kiddos. I am glad they were able to come. And YAY to B10 for completing the badges. “Finishing Strong” is an amazing accomplishment and a cool way to move into the next phase for him. Love you! Boo


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