Sister Sheep chowing down on lunch

Hubby worked from home today (a fitting start to his four day weekend), and we decided to do an early lunch for B10’s birthday.

Family Photo!

BooSheep, Brother Sheep and Sister Sheep joined us at Stevie B’s, the last place left to take B10 cheaply…since they will let him eat until he is full!  (And that, mind you, takes a lot of food!)

B10's Nifty Keen Star Wars Book

The Sheeps (I love Sister Sheep's Boots....btw)

Brother Sheep never fails to make me smile.

The Caterpillars and Sheeps also played in the game room for a bit.

Sister Sheep checking out the basketball game

GO looking cute for Boo Sheep

Racing on the Arcade Games (I rarely give them actual tokens, so that was a big deal today!)

CW and Brother Sheep

GO missing the entire point of SHOOTING a basketball

Sister and Brother Sheep on the Dancing (Stomping) game


Brother Sheep wins at Skee Ball!

Aunt CC and the Garden Girls were able to stop by for a minute on their way home to North Carolina.  B10 and CW hadn’t seen them during this trip, so it was nice they got a few minutes together before they left.

Quick Photo of the Cousins who were there.

B10 is getting a “special surprise” later for his birthday – and gets to have friends spend the night in March/April (when school is back in session and people are traveling less).

But this was a nice little lunch.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Malenki on 30 12 10 at 10:05 am

    Long story to explain why I can’t read this post, but I can see the lovely pictures, and they look like you all had a wonderful time together! Wish I could have delivered a birthday hug myself … HAPPY BIRTHDAY again, B10!! I LOVE YOU!


  2. Posted by chrysti on 30 12 10 at 9:48 pm

    We had a great time celebrating with you. I can’t believe how much B10 has changed and grown in the last 6 years. It is a priviledge to be his Aunt CC.


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