Christmas with Granddaddy and Minnie Mouse

So, today was Christmas with Granddaddy and Minnie Mouse.  It was an all day affair, beginning right after breakfast when they came over to our house for a couple of hours.

Opening Presents

GO opened a present, with a little help, then she broke out her LSU tutu.  This pleased Granddaddy greatly – he even had Minnie Mouse call him so the LSU fight song would play on his phone.

"Mummy! Do you HEAR this??"

Dancing to the LSU fight song!

For lunch, we met the Sheeps and Uncle A at Red Robin.  I am a huge fan of the unlimited fries, so that was a huge hit.  We did manage to get one picture of the grandchildren together.

Bottomless Fries, Enough Said

There were better photos - but this one is included, simply because I have never seen an actual pair of eyebrows go into the "Angry V" shape. Brother Sheep is awesome.

After lunch, we made our way back to the Sheep house, where the little girls took naps.  Brother Sheep was a “big kid” for the afternoon and was allowed to stay awake and play games with the grownups!

We planned for an early dinner, Uncle J (Granddaddy’s brother) was in town and was able to make it an almost complete family Christmas.

There is a story behind this photo - keep watch for another post...

Uncle Firefighter (ie: Daddy Sheep) made Chili (beef – no deer, he promised) and it was delicious!  I especially liked having the baked potatoes with it.

The table was cleared off pretty quickly, though, so we could unwrap gifts.  The kids started first and every present was a hit.  GO received two new toys to push around – a tea trolley (ADORABLE) and the baby doll stroller that I had asked Boo Sheep to get for her.  Hubby got a new backpack (he has used the same one since High School) and a really awesome portfolio that has his name and “CPA” on it.

opening gifts

SIT and SPIN! I haven't seen one of these in ages - took her less than an hour to figure it out!

GO helping Uncle J open his present.

Glamor Gloves for washing dishes

LSU Devotional

Granddaddy caught Peyton! (Or a Peyton Impostor...)

GO-Peyton prepares to serve tea from her new trolley.

I had been very jealous of Minnie Mouse’s purse – so I was extremely excited to receive a matching one!


AND – both Uncle Firefighter and I received a new Wii Game – THE AMAZING RACE!  (Phil’s eyebrow…it’s awesome.)

But, after all the gifts were unwrapped, it was Boo Sheep’s Wii Game that went into the machine.  Karaoke Glee!  Everyone took turns singing (even the little ones “helped” – especially Sister Sheep!).  Uncle Firefighter did incredible – he scored a perfect score on his first try.  I liked the game, because it wasn’t especially competitive – it was just a lot of fun!

You cannot fake this look of joy and excitement!


Boo Sheep and Sister Sheep rocking to Glee!

Daddy and GO singing with the Wii

By the end of the night, we were all ready to head home and snuggle into bed.

Such a soft Froggy! She fell asleep cuddling with it at home.

THANK YOU GRANDDADDY and MINNIE MOUSE!  (And thank YOU to the Sheeps for opening up your home!)

The "Almost" Entire Family

Hope over here to see Boo Sheep’s blog post about today!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. Posted by Malenki on 28 12 10 at 2:18 pm

    Haha – Am I SLOW? or am I slow? It took me THREE mentions of Uncle Firefighter (yes, even though you clarified with his other name) to figure out WHO Uncle Firefighter is. Granted, I was half asleep … But seriously. 😀 *DUH* ❤


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