Christmas Traditions – Looking at Lights

Tonight was celebrated with our family tradition of driving around looking at Christmas Lights.  (You can see previous years here: 20092008.)

We stopped at QT for hot chocolate, coffee (for Hubby and I), and a cup of cold chocolate milk for GO.  QT’s have just added whip cream machines, so B10 REALLY enjoyed adding whip cream to the bottom of his hot chocolate cup (I added some to CW’s also).

It was a rainy night, but we still saw some beautiful lights.  We had a sad disappointment, when one of the “standard” giant displays was not up this year – it’s so depressing when the state of the economy starts messing up holidays!  But, we bounced back quickly and found some cute displays.  My favorite was a “weeble” trio of Santa, a Reindeer and a Snowman.

On the car ride, we sang lots of songs together – and never really turned the radio on.  They weren’t all Christmas songs, but they were songs B10 and CW knew from a long time ago, or songs I knew from my childhood that I wanted to teach them.  That was really cool, even if we were singing about throwing Jack out the 2nd Story Window (and Good Old Army Stew).

At home, we decided to let B10 and CW have a little more “Christmas” before they leave on Saturday, so all the Caterpillars were allowed to open their stockings, then we let B10 and CW open their presents from GO.

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I love how GO is holding her stocking so close – she doesn’t realize the gifts are INSIDE yet!

Then, she just grabbed it by the toe and turned it upside down….that’s one way to empty a stocking!

B10 and CW received four DVDs they had been wanting, plus homemade travel mugs.  B10’s is bugs (surprised?), while CW has a Georgia Tech mug (he’s very pleased).

Hubby and I let B10 and CW stay up late to watch “The Mummy” Cartoon on DVD, which was a wonderful evening to a very special night.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Boo on 18 12 10 at 4:22 pm

    We are hoping to do this tonight…figured with all our sicknesses and colds stuck together in the car might be the best place for us to be 🙂 Glad you guys had a good time!! Boo


  2. Posted by Boo on 18 12 10 at 4:32 pm

    Oops…I also meant to say that I have a couple on our list that are supposed to be good if you guys go again…I will let you know how they are. Boo


  3. Posted by Malenki on 20 12 10 at 10:16 pm

    AWW! Glad to know we’re not the only ones who do an ‘early’ Christmas ‘preview’! 😉 I LOVE the kids’ faces … and I agree – B10 DOES get cuter and cuter every day. They all three do. Love you guys!


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