Doctor’s Appointment

Well, we’ve seen the doctor – and it was a confusing 3 hours.  So I’ll break it down, so I can try to remember everything.

First, they took LOTS of measurements.  Weight, height, lengths of various parts of her – these were baseline measurements that will go in her file and help the doctors determine how she is growing (and not just IF she is growing).  The good news is that she’s 18.5 lbs (with clothes on).  This is a gain of almost two pounds this year!  Which, I realize is not what we wanted/hoped for or what normal children do – but it’s a consistent gain!

Second, they checked her out.  Her doctor is a fellow at Emory Children’s Center – and both Hubby and I REALLY like her.  Dr. B was wonderful with GO, really making a game of checking her out and thinking of ways to distract her while the adults were talking (for that always important medical history time).  Then, her “supervisor” (for lack of a better term) Dr. F checked GO out, also.  They both really tried to give us clear information and explain all the things they were doing and what they were looking for.

Third, Dr. F diagnosed GO with something!  It has NOTHING to do with her growth – but it was very interesting.  THEN he turned around and started shining lights in Hubby and my eyes and told me I have the same thing!  (Isn’t heredity great!)  GO and I have the genetic disorder Osteogenesis Imperfecta.  It’s is a bone disorder, sometimes called “brittle bone disease”.  It would be handy for GO and I to have further testing (of the DNA type) done, and for B10 and CW to be checked out.   Again, it has nothing to do with why she isn’t growing right and why she’s so small, but it means we need to be diligent about watching her if she falls.  She can fracture her bones much easier than the average child.  But, she’s not REALLY brittle – or else she would have shown broken bones before now.

Fourth, bloodwork….ugh…  GO did NOT enjoy the bloodwork, and it doesn’t give us instant results, we’ll be waiting to hear, but it’s at least a start.

She’s healthy.  We all know that.  She is SO tiny, though – you hear about kids in the 1 percentile – which means that out of 100 kids, they are the smallest.  She’s into the negatives.  If you take 1,000 kids – she’s going to be the shortest.  And if you take 3,000 kids, she is going to weigh the least.  Yes, I know somebody’s kid has to be the smallest, but it’s disconcerting when it’s yours!

Please keep up your prayers.  ANSWERS would be nice.  If the blood tests come back okay, then we go back in 5 months for more “measurements”.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Malenki on 06 12 10 at 9:17 pm

    Um, first, NO KIDDING – answers WOULD be nice! Argh. Sorry … I’m pretty sure my blood pressure goes up every time I think about this – it must be SO much worse for my precious niece’s mommy! (Oh, and ‘supervisors’ are attending physicians … or were – when Dad was at a teaching hospital, 25 years ago.) Anyway, I guess I’m too overwhelmed to write right now. I will continue praying, as always. I love you so much, and am very thankful for a doctor’s visit in the first place, but especially one that makes us feel like we can finally GET somewhere. 🙂 love with all my heart … Malenki


    • Posted by Malenki on 06 12 10 at 9:19 pm

      Oh … Yes, hereditary IS great – diagnosis is my new favorite word! Isn’t it lovely that even without sharing blood, we have the same ‘disease’, too? 😉


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