Thanksgiving Camping – Day 3

AKA: The Rainy Day….

GO woke up in a bit of a “mood” – and when she finally got happy, the rest of the world was in a “mood” (thanks to the rainy weather).

Grouchy Face

Snuggling with her Daddy.

Princess reading her Cinderella Book.

Waiting for breakfast

It was not actually raining (though, it was damp) for breakfast.  We huddled around the fire to keep warm and the four older ones scootered through puddles, which only served to dampen clothing.

Going for Princess' book, this will not end well.

Finally out of the "mood" and ready to eat!

Bacon for Breakfast - no doubt about - GO's a Carnivore

Yum! Bacon!

The morning was spent napping and cleaning up for when the storms hit.

Queen and GO reading

Poor Abagail Adams is showing signs of being loved...

The adults had made the decision to visit a BBQ place in the tiny town about 11 miles from Florence Marina State Park.  When we drove by it on Turkey Day, it was a giant house (at the only four way stop in town), with a beautiful front porch.  We did not realize that you didn’t go INSIDE, everyone sat on the front porch to eat!

For the record, the other sign didn't say "take out".

the delicious menu (I had boiled peanuts)

Tee hee hee - funny t-shirt!

Lunch was a little colder than we had imagined it would be….  But delicious!

Look at those blue lips! He was FREEZING!

Not as cold as his brother, not as warm as his sister.

The “Our Butts Smell Good” t-shirts were nice, and had they been a little cheaper, we might have been sporting some.

GO, Me, CW

After lunch, we went back to the campers.  Hubby, B10 and CW went over to the Royal camper to watch movies while it rained.  Queen came over to visit GO and I as we napped and GO watched a bit more Sesame Street on iTunes.

This is the "Kiss My Striped Bottom" pose, by Little Miss Moody

Sitting on Hubby's side of the "bed" and eating goldfish....

For dinner, Queen cooked a delicious Chicken Stew, which was gobbled up (except for me, I’m still feeling under the weather – but I’ve GOT to get better soon!).

Then, to bed.  At this point in the evening, everyone is pretty sick and tired of each other.  Well – not the adults, but the Caterpillars and the Royal kids!  It was our longest rainy day ever camping, but we made it!  Hopefully tomorrow will be sunshine and dry!

SOOO not tired!

Snuggling on my side of the "bed", not even close to wanting to go to sleep!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. Posted by Malenki on 16 12 10 at 7:02 am

    Haha … BIG day! 😀 😀


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