Thanksgiving Camping – Day 1

We had hoped to leave early for camping – but waking up with a 102 degree fever did NOT make that easy.  We were only running 15 minutes late, though – but then found the CHUNK of tire missing from one of the camper tires…  So that meant we had to go by the Camper place – which didn’t sell tires – so that meant we had to drive out to the ONLY tire place around (30 minutes in the wrong direction) that sells camper tires.  The Royals went on down to the campsite, and we followed about an hour behind.  Not TOO bad, but not when we wanted to leave either.

By the time we got the camper put up (and I use that term “we” loosely – I laid in the truck), it was almost dark.  We lit a fire, prepared coals and cooked chili in the Dutch Oven for dinner.

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Then off to bed, pretty early – in the hopes that I can feel better tomorrow.

~Mummy Butterfly )i(


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  1. Posted by Malenki on 02 12 10 at 8:36 pm

    That was a rough day, and I was praying ALL day … Happy Thanksgiving (?) ❤ you!


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