Special Dinner

In a funny twist, the Royal Family called and asked us to have dinner with them.  We got everyone dressed – GO in her jammies – and loaded the car up, just as the Royals pulled into OUR driveway!

We were both confused and thought we were eating at the OTHER family’s house, so we decided to head to Cici’s Pizza and let them cook instead.

Other than the fact that GO wasn’t wearing any shoes (or “real” clothes for that matter), we were fine to go out.

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It always cracks me up how much the Caterpillars and the Royal Kids NEED to see each other, even when we are getting ready to leave to go camping with them for four days!

Queen and I were meal planning for the trip, so that was a very important reason to get together.  That and spending time with our friends.  🙂

~Mummy Butterfly )i(


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  1. Posted by Malenki on 23 11 10 at 8:05 am

    I LOVE GO’s pjs at dinner … 😀


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