Getting the Brothers Back

Hubby took of work today so we could go pick up B10 and CW.  It was so cute – we got GO dressed, then told her where we were going.  She started jumping up and down on the bed yelling “GUYS!”.

She was out the door (with her breakfast in hand) and spent the entire drive to Chattanooga randomly yelling “GUYS” whenever the radio would get quiet.

After picking them up (at the McDonald’s, of course) we headed home, but I had seen a billboard for a place called Popcorn Haven.  It was a 15 minute detour, and everyone was able to pick out a mini bag of popcorn goodness.  B10 chose Pizza, Hubby chose Cinnamon Toast Crunch, CW picked Rainbow Mix, I decided on Carmel Apple – and everyone (except me) tried the Dill (it had cheese….*giant sad face*).

So glad to have all my Caterpillars at home!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Malenki on 14 10 10 at 8:29 am

    Welcome home, boys. I’m glad to have your Caterpillars at home, too! 😀 Hugs … Malenki ps – sorry there was cheese in the Dills! :-/


  2. Posted by chrysti on 14 10 10 at 2:03 pm

    Rylee just looked at this post and says “look it is Rylee.” so apparently GO looks like Rylee at least to Rylee. Maybe it is the brown eyed thing 🙂


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