Lilburn Daze Festival

Since GO and I were home alone today, after taking care of the stuff I had to take care of (laundry, etc) – I decided to brave the heat and head out to the Lilburn Daze Festival.  As soon as we arrived – a cute little clown showed up to give GO a balloon, which went onto her stroller.

We actually made it around to all the vendors, and I was excited to see a guy from the Church Car Show (he sells the most amazing sauce!).  I purchased a couple of small Christmas items, and the rest of the time just walked around and enjoyed the music.

For lunch, we split a hot dog, ear of corn and a juice pouch.  Well, I had water and let her drink the juice pouch (plus she had lemonade in her sippy cup from the Girl Scouts).


Eating Lunch (hot dog, corn on the cob, juice pouch)


Then we checked out more vendors.  I ended up donating more to causes (Right to Hike, Humane Society, Hugs for Soldiers, Butterfly House), but really enjoyed myself.  I think GO liked seeing all the stuff, though she wanted to get out at one point.

I couldn’t let her play in the Kid Area, luckily – she seemed okay with that.  She was obsessed with this crow when we entered the festival and wouldn’t stop jabbering as I tried to take a picture on our way out.


"Look Mummy! A Bird!"



Talking to the crow, rather than looking at Mummy.


Maybe she was expecting him to answer her?


Obsessed with the crow...


After the half a mile walk back to our car, she was sacked out!  She’s now laying in her bed, napping in her t-shirt and trying to cool off.


Sacked out in the car!


It was a beautiful festival, I wish B10, CW and Hubby could have gone.  I’ll be putting it on the calendar EARLY next year!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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