Pulled Beef

I’ve done this once before, and decided to do it again, with B10 and CW gone – I haven’t had to use the oven as much to make a big meal (and this ties up the oven for a while!).

So I headed to Publix and got a rather cheap cut of meat, that was about 5 pounds.  It was more of a roast, than anything, and I seasoned it with Worcestershire sauce and a very tiny bit of hickory smoke BBQ sauce (for flavor), then added 4 cups of water (the beef was elevated out of the water) and tightly sealed it with aluminum foil.

After allowing the meat to marinate for 3 hours, I placed it in the oven (set at 180 degrees) and let it cook.  Let it cook for a LONG time.  I check on it every 3-4 hours (except overnight, when I just sleep and let it go for 6-7 hours).  Adding water when needed and turning the meat until it’s falling apart.

Then I pull it out and place the large hunks into a bowl and shred them with two large forks.

This time, I froze the meat (because I’ll defrost it when the boy Caterpillars are home).

We love this meat with extra BBQ sauce on hamburger buns, or on top of rice with a gravy – or in tacos/fajitas.  I don’t like seasoning the meat very heavily to begin with, so we have more versatility when it’s cooked.  I love how it falls apart when the fork barely touches it.

At the Car Show, we sampled a delicious sauce, which I cannot WAIT to try on the meat this time.  And CW requested the BBQ sandwiches, so I am thinking that will be his welcome home dinner Monday night.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. Posted by Malenki on 10 10 10 at 10:39 pm

    It’s almost eleven, and you just made my HUNGRY! I had way to much to eat today already – including lots of sugar … please don’t scold me! – so I shouldn’t be hungry … Can I come for dinner when the boys get home?!?!


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